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An Infinite Relation
(by Albert N. Jose  9/14/2017)

There are greater infinities than other infinities.

I always love to hear these words. Here, we do not talk about how things end and when they will be. We are crossing the lines of eternity. It would be great to hear someone or something like a movie saying words which encourage the viewers to continue on living. It amuses me to watch a film where the characters are showing that life and death are neither miscible nor conflicting. Life, like death, is already given and planned. When someone is born, he/she is already timed to die. Death, like life, is a beginning. It isn’t the end, it is just an opening of something better and something new.

I heard a line from a famous movie saying “If you want to see a rainbow, deal with the rain.” These lines are very inspiring. Life is a composition of rains and storms but dealing with them is hoping that greater things are about to arrive.

The probability of having a better life is always dependent on how a person deals with his/her downfalls. Cancer patients live each day with hope that someday their sickness will disappear and they don’t lose hope. Similar to those who suffer from AIDS and other generative diseases but the great thing about them is that they continue on thinking and living POSITIVELY. A writer once said “Live each day, as if you would die tomorrow.” The famous line was actually written by a blind woman. Yes, a blind one but her disability didn’t hinder her to inspire others. It gave her strength and guts to say to the world that whoever you are, you can do something to change the lives of many hopeless people.

When I attended a seminar during my college days, a game was presented to us. It was actually a question and answer thing. The question was, “if you will be given the chance to choose; which of these things would you become? A hardboiled egg, a boiled potato or a coffee bean?” the first thing that came to my mind was “a hardboiled egg” because of its softness within. It actually defines my personality—tough outside but soft and easily broken within. I thought, my answer was enough but it wasn’t. According to the facilitator, “be a coffee bean”, but why? Why a coffee bean? What is so especial about it? He said that a coffee bean, when put in a hot water, dissolves and affects the color of the water. An analogy to what a person has to be. We need to know how to influence others. We must be the ones to have the guts to affect the hopeless, the sad, the dying and the weak. Living each day as if we would die is not just a quoted line nor a saying from a blind lady but an inspiration that as we walk; as we breathe; as we work and do our daily errands, we must find time, a especial time, to change the thinking of other people. It might be hard, yes, it is actually hard and difficult to do but it doesn’t mean you will not try because if you won’t try, then you have already given up for life. You are already included to the hopeless people out there. And, you have already missed the time when you can see a rainbow. 

Life becomes eternal and infinite because of hope. Hope occurs when someone is trying and when someone has never given up. Death becomes sweeter if someone, during his/her living, tries his/her best to achieve a greater good and if he/she has influenced people to hope and to be strong. This is the time when death becomes eternal and living becomes a door to other people who still believe and hope.

We are thinking of a better place where better people live but we do not think how to build and raise one. This is life and we should start thinking of it. We are living in a world where imperfections challenge everyone to excel in doing their best. We have to face the truth that we can’t achieve perfection, but God created the word “excellence”. This is enough to say that something good exists and we can achieve it through optimism. Think that there are bigger infinities than other infinities. And that infinity is your creativity and thinking. You are given an infinite mind. You can do things and contribute something for the betterment of this world. Your weakness is not comparable to how you are created. It is not even considered a disadvantage but something worthy which you can use in building yourself and others.

Know how to break the boundaries of life and the limitations of living. You are free to be infinite in mind and in your work. You are gifted with skills which will help you in drafting a better foundation. Believe in yourself, trust yourself and be an inspiration to others. When you have become a better person, then you can say that you have already broken the boundaries of life and death. And, at the end, rainbow will shine because you have already dealt with the storms of your life and at the same time, you have become a rainbow to others who are still dealing with their own rains.

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