DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Effects of Social Media in Academic Performance of the Learners
(by Myrna S. Raquel  9/13/2017)

Despite the positive effects of social media there are mostly negative effects that social media networking sites are associate with. According to my survey research, students were affected social media. They used social media to keep up with the latest trend, their favourite artist and to check out what’s going on with their family and friends. I can say that blogs, wikis, twitter, facebook are now common tools for learning in most educational institution so when talking about the impact of social media on education we cannot fail to appreciate that it has contributed a lot for the study of the students but most students engage with social media without stopping to think what the effects are on their live whether positive or negative.

I conducted a survey in student of Batitang National High School to know the effects of social media in their lives. From the results, there are good and bad effects. Some students cause problem and conflicts with their family, because according to them when they are using social media they set this up as their priority and they never get enough of using it.

Some students also rely on social media as their source of excitement or to cope with boredom or loneliness because according to them it provides them the freedom to do what they want. They also called it a stress reliever and that is the reason why they spent a lot of time on using it.  Having interaction with their family and friends were neglected  and stay up late and get up early to spend more time on using facebook.

This is the reason why they felt laziness and sometimes fall asleep during class hour. It also affects their grades because they fail to complete and submit their homework on time and being unable to concentrate in class. So, this survey proves that social media really have a big effect to students. We can say that some students are now too involved in social media and it can lead to their addiction.

Still, some students used media as a source of information. It gives for them a big help on doing their assignments such as research. It easy to stay connected with their love one’s, add help them to interact with others.

Social media are use for us to learn and to know new things. It serves as an entertainment and diversion. But the problem is they don’t know how to manage their time on using it. The social media websites become their first priority rather than the things that should come first such as school, family or friends.

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