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Keeping up.
(by Frya Lora H. Javier  11/20/2017)

People already knew that teaching is a serious matter and for some occasion requires and demands sacrifices even at the cost of owing quality family time;

all for the call of duty and service. Fret not, this isn’t about rants or protest to tantamount paper works the system find necessary for teachers to accomplish.

This is about refusing to give up to the challenges hindering the learning of students and the professional growth of the teachers … because teachers don’t just teach, we are superhumans.

Managing a class isn’t really that hard, ambitious and challenging maybe, on the other hand adding reports/paper works and other does related work (yes, you know what I mean no need to specify for it would ruin its ambiguity) may flag critical alarm.

But that can be worked out through proper management of time and housekeeping of records. The tricky part is blending with the past-paced and inevitable change of trends in technology.

Teachers are facing a great deal of adjustment coping with the Millennials. These generation of kids uses technology like riding a bicycle in a park and social media for breakfast.

Now, how do we infuse modern strategies to traditional model of teaching-learning set-up for us to “blend in” in this era of petmalu’s ? The answer is simple, WILLFULNESS, Yes. That is all and nothing more. Just the right amount of WILLFULNESS.

We’ve seen it all, we’ve witness it and perhaps, somehow we were once involved in resisting the change, refusing to adapt and embrace the digital age.

I am not here to promote apps or tools (offline/online) like a mad man in the streets selling goods because I am certain it will be a raw sale. Education should NOT be a bargain. Good thing, there are free stuff on the web that can be easily downloaded for teachers’/students’ perusal. Sadly, they are not utilized.

Most of the time I’m asking myself, to what extent should I use technology in my class? It is without a doubt makes teaching easy and learning for students’ fun and playful, and how far will my willfulness bring me? I am not campaigning or anything, maybe just one small voice with too many questions?

Will you join the modern crusaders of teachers or will you resist adapting and just wait to perish?

Thank you for your time.

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