DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Ready to Serve
(by John Paul V. Valino  9/5/2017)

A hundred percent prepared to teach in all kinds of environment.

Being an educator is both an honor and an enormous responsibility that requires unbounded love and affection. Teaching takes a lot of time, effort and perseverance. After all of the hard work you have done, see to it that you'll realized that you have served your fellow men with love and understanding.

To be one of those noble teachers is deeply rooted in being a brother who is ready to serve and give a helping hand. By just reaching out to each other, we can extend out our hearts and minds for us to be able to sit down together at the table of peace, love and brotherhood. As a social individual and God's child, let's give all of our efforts to be an educator and same as to be a kinsman.

Spiritually, mentally and physically ready to suffice and gratify others.

The true kings and queens of schools. Possess prodigious liability inside the classrooms. Willing to instill good morals and values to each and every one.

Teachers, God's instrument to help the mankind for them to get the hang of their lives. They all help us to open the doors of opportunity which could lead us to the right path of life and success. They all extend their hands to open up the people's hearts and minds to the reality that our world possesses.

An educator is willing to give all of his time and efforts just to teach and share knowledge. Teachers are classified as our modern heroes. They spend their lives to educate just like our noble heroes did for the sake of our country. They are the blessings that our God gave us for they bridged the gap and intellect of the human race.

Nowadays, people are looking forward that teachers will not abandon this world that is slightly falling in the dark pits of our environment. We salute you… TEACHERS.

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