DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Teachers Creativeness in Learning
(by Myrna S. Raquel  9/14/2017)

            Teachers play a vital role in the learning process of his/her students. As God gifts to us mentors of the youth, the idea of creativeness where inspire us to be of help in our teaching endeavours. It brings sparks of inspiration to develop and produce something new, different and useful to the needs of our school and community as a whole.

            Being creative in our school task in classroom management and teaching, we will be able to inspire our students, to be more interested in acquiring ideas in teaching learning situation, working intelligently in group activities and active participation in daily discussions of new lessons in their specific assignments.

            Being creative is not an easy job for us teacher. We have to be resourceful in finding ways on how to produce the needed materials for our teaching aids and devices for successful teaching strategies in our daily teaching. Preparing our bulletin board, upkeeping our school files and records, availing computer machines are some of so many important needs that we have to work as a teacher. Creative skills and knowledge will mean an outstanding performance for our effective and efficient teaching of our students in the school.

            At present, as a teacher in Araling Panlipunan in Batitang National High School, I’m proud to say that I’m one of those teachers who exercise creativeness in the field of teaching learning profession. I introduce new innovation in teaching through my creativity skills and knowledge with the help and assistance of our school heads, community leaders,parents   and with the guidance of our Lord Almighty.

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