DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
The Science Behind Teaching
(by Albert N. Jose  9/14/2017)

We develop strategies based on the time-harnessed philosophies. These are our guide to delivering our lesson effectively and efficiently.

During our college years, we were bombarded with different educational philosophies such as existentialism, essentialism, perennialism, etc. These were presented and taught to us not just to get familiarized with them but to apply them in our teaching. After all, these are tested by time.

Educators develop strategies to make the delivery of lesson worthwhile and effective for the students. These strategies are guided and harnessed by different philosophies. The birth of different methods in teaching and emergence of new forms of instructional materials are all products of innovation and creativity of our educators.

Teachers benefit from what these philosophies taught them. The help that they extend to our educators made the teaching-learning process successful. Even there are various factors which affect the maximum learning of students, educators, with the help of these philosophies can still overcome the challenges of teaching.

For decades, educational institutions provide quality education to varied races. They use different philosophies to guide them in the development of different materials as well as in the design or architecture of classrooms and its interior. Educators believe that to realize the effectiveness of teaching and to reach the end-goal of teaching, the environment must also provide good atmosphere to support learning. The effort of the administrators further prove that these principles do not only guide the teachers in their instruction but also them in the provisions of a friendly ambiance.

Philosophies help in the strengthening of educational foundation. They provide guidance to teachers and also to administrators who both exert effort and passion on what they are doing. The strength of education is always based on them and their willingness to provide the best for the students. Philosophers made everything easy for us especially in the understanding of student mind and behaviour which both affect their interest. This is the science behind teaching – the passion and willingness of the people behind education.

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