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To Be a 21st Century Teacher
(by Loida M. Pulido  11/2/2016)

Teaching has been my passion since I entered my elementary grades. I idolized my teachers who were very eager to teach me new knowledge and skills. Though, there were also teachers that I despised because what they did was to let us copy the whole book without even explaining what those were.

Now, I am a part of the teaching force. I often ask myself, what kind of teacher am I? Am I ready to face the challenges that I will encounter as I go through the path of educating the young minds of our nation? Am I competent enough to equip them of knowledge and skills that they need to learn to survive the next stage of their lives? How about their behavior? What are the skills and knowledge that I need to master to face these challenges in my career?

So, what are the characteristics that a teacher must possess to be considered as a 21st century teacher?

Technology plays a vital role in educating the minds of the youth today. There are times that I feel fascinated to see young children operating a cellphone, tablet and even laptop with ease. They can also navigate the internet. Their inclination to these technologies is very much apparent that we need to cope with. Since technology blooms very rapidly in this dispensation, integrating these will help us to keep track on their learning style.

Collaboration is very much needed. Learning is more effective when there is sharing of ideas and knowledge. Sharing one’s expertise and experience is an important part of teaching and learning process.

Learning is a continuous process to educators in the 21st century. It is a lifelong process. We should never stop and relax for the things that we know today. We must be open ourselves to new trends in education.

Let us make teaching and learning memorable to our pupils. We have all the means to make learning lifelong because we have the tools and skills that is needed to prepare our learners to have a bright future.

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