DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Strategic Management of a Modern School Head
(by Marivic J. Burgos  3/13/2019)


Planning the goals the school aims to achieved is essential in the management of a school head. Being the frontliner of the school, a leader must have plans in improving the school as a whole. Considering the flight of both the teachers and the students, as well as the physical conditions of school facilities and the resources of the school. In totality the school heads must have the plan to empower the school to improved its performance in educating our students.


Building a harmonious relationship among the teachers, staff, students and stakeholders must be created and significantly maintained considering that human resource is the best asset of an organization. It is therefore be noted that in maintaining harmonious relationship in school, respect and trust should be evident.

As a leader we have to earn the trust of our people by being transparent in financial matters and firm in decision making, It is also important to respect everyone in the school. Being a humble and an approachable leader will definitely create and maintain a harmonious relationship in school.

Lead the teacher, staff and stakeholders in solving school issues and concerns that greatly affect teaching-learning process.


Support your teachers in pursuing professional growth, if possible guide them in pursuing their desired promotion.

Create a support group that will mobilized resources towards attaining the goals of the school.


Make accountable for school performance and students outcome. Laud teachers who work hard, appraise teachers and students who won in district and division contest. Recognized one’s asset and skills. And finally reap success in school through collaboration, camaraderie and remarkable school performance.

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