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A Cultural Perspective in Education and Development
(by PERLA M. BERMEJO  11/24/2017)

Education has been always equated with schools. However, education actually begins at birth and continues to grow and develop throughout life as individual learns his culture. This is what we called enculturation that is established with a skill called social interaction that is further labeled as socialization. From there, new groups and organizations are formed as one identifies his roles that make up new entity. Thus, a significant shaping of one’s personality is very important as part of learning progress of any individual in which culture definitely teaches a broader sense of education, growth and development.

Education and schooling therefore should be deliberately distinguished from each other. Schooling, as defined, is an organized process of teaching individuals in an order through activities called curricular. This is logically taken by anthropologists as a process of cultural transmission. This shall not be static for culture is an actually an intellectual construct. The economic forces of culture look forward to the schooling as a process of change. School, therefore, becomes a socio-economic advancement among people for survival.

Formal schooling and its certificate are very essential in the social status in life. More likely, those who finished formal schooling are marked as educated compared for those who do not. But then, what makes people to survive is already said as education, a form of survival. Community education through classroom instruction is part of the curriculum. Learning in school shall be in relation to the actual situations and life experiences of the students. Schools shall work with the community to somehow communicate and involve its people with culturally defined notions for learning.

Evidence of learning is not reflected only with the school performance but shall be equally shown in their daily experiences to survive. Knowing how to deal with the challenges and how to respond with the changes in the environment are the best lessons learned in life. Schooling is just part of this survival. The real place to learn is the world for survival.

The school shall teach survival behaviors other than innovative ideas. Traditional values and basic literacy skills shall facilitate survival with the local culture and must induce openness to change for economic security. Survival is simply more important than schooling.

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