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Age of Digital Literacy
(by PERLA M. BERMEJO  11/24/2017)

The development of technology revolves so fast that so much of the things we have now were impossible or even inconceivable dreams then. Yet technology has advanced dramatically that we only imagined talking through a wireless hand-held phone let alone touch screen or voice-activated devices 10-15 years ago.

As computers continue to make breakthroughs, the younger the people the more they can use them with ease. Likewise, the availability of these computers in every town and city makes access easy. The convenience that the computer provides helps ease man’s work and creates new avenues both in communication and education.

Every learner nowadays knows how to use computers, from a manual abacus to a supercomputer as big as a classroom and to desktop and laptops. It is noteworthy that access to information is as easy as a click.

Pen is mightier than the sword. But this digital age shows us that the mouse and the keyboard is the mightiest of them all.

With these changes in mind, the Department of Education answered the need to establish an education system integrating civic responsibility to digital literacy. This integration makes the students master the content while producing, analysing, and evaluating information in different subjects. First mission  computerization.

As more and more young people use computers, the negative schema regarding the use of computers as a positive and time-diverting culprit why students fail are gradually erased as educators and DepEd realized it as a powerful tool to equip the Filipino learners with up-to-date knowledge while inculcating local and cultural responsibility. The use of computers to help children control their experience in their own pace is realized. Computers are no longer branded as attention-grabber rather it is focus inducer. The key is building positive attitudes towards computers to make them a tool for learning while keeping and integrating the classical and traditional teaching techniques. Constructivist approach it is.

Though powerful and potent, computers are only limited on how they are used. The value is dependent on how it is explored by the students. The challenge on teachers is to maximize the use of computer technology in teaching. The DepEd Science City of Mu├▒oz recently received grants from DepEd Computerization Program. More computers and laptops are made available for teaching uses and therefore provide more available options of learning.

DepEd is geared for transformation of the education system with the computerization program, thus giving more window of opportunity for children to learn and discover the community and the world they live in.

With or without computers, DepEd will seize and persist in delivering its mission and goals of quality education for global competitive learners. From this we see, Education, like love, will always find a way.

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