DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Coaching and Mentoring Towards Success in Education
(by Marivic J. Burgos  3/13/2019)

A school leader does not just plan and implement the policy of a school. Along with the process of setting goals, monitoring and evaluation, measuring success, working with others, engaging stakeholders, providing the best possible outcome and make learning happen everywhere, it is the school leader’s responsibility to tackle underperformance and weaknesses of teachers. With the line of supporting professional development, coaching and mentoring plays a vital role in providing guidance, support and feedback among our teachers.

Coaching and mentoring shows a strong commitment and involvement of a school head. It is a way of developing organization’s integrity by managing and supervising teachers to integrate varied learning methodologies and trends in education to meet the unpredictable expectations of students, parents and community. It is also a way of responding to the growing demands of our fast changing educational system which aim to produced successful graduates who will definitely contribute on the growth and development of our society.

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