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Confidently Successful Teacher
(by Arlene D. Ramos  10/12/2017)

Challenging, stressful and rewarding job all at once. Teaching is a profession that requires flexibility, persistence and continued growth.  Being a successful teacher is not an easy endeavor. It takes a lot of courage and commitment for a teacher to reach success.

“There is no success without struggle”. This is a guiding principle that reminds everyone that success entails sacrifices. To become a confidently successful teacher, one must always do his/her best to make his/her performance standout. Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success.

One of the strengths of a successful teacher is a constant self- reflection and self-evaluation on his/her practice as well as being aware of some ways to improve. Thinking about what went wrong and what went well on his/her teaching experience. To have time knowing what the students need to learn; to teach at the level students can understand and make the class interactive; to devote time reading references, textbooks, and make additional handouts and activities that match the learning competencies; to find innovative and organized ways to teach the students and make them motivated to learn are some of the meaningful tasks to consider. Creativity and enthusiasm are the secret.

Right attitude towards the job is also a huge factor to become a successful and respected teacher. To have a cheerful greeting upon entering the class; to display interest and humor in class in order to drive out students’ weary, enliven the teaching atmosphere and make learning easy and enjoyable are some of the things to remember.

Building good working relationships not only with the students but also with colleagues and the people inside and outside the school community is an important consideration. Another important factor of being a successful teacher is to keep on upgrading with new trends and innovations in teaching through attending seminars and trainings up to international level. To be involved in various extra- curricular activities such as pursuing advance studies and be able to apply these experiences to the teaching career. All these and more serve as driving force for a teacher to reach success. But remember - patience, humility, work ethics, dedication, and passion are first and foremost.

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