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Good Leadership Receives Positive School Relations
(by Arlene D. Ramos  10/24/2017)

In establishing a good working relationship, school heads shall establish a continuous, open and responsive connection among the members. The administrator shall keep on doing ways to manage the school in meeting and even in improving the satisfaction and involvement level of the members.

            In relation, the head of the school shall guide, lead and care for the organization. To keep the lines open, he/she shall encourage the members to share their ideas, give the best of their abilities and work for the betterment of the school.  The leader shall not act superior over the other for bridging the gaps between them must be also in one of the priorities.

            Through school-community relationships, school head shall work with transparency, shared responsibility and proper accountability. In this process, anything that is planned, decided and put into action will give positive results if done accordingly. Good and effective school leaders shall have an open communication among the stakeholders in meeting with the challenges and problems that may hinder the success of the school programs and projects for the learners.

            One good examples of practicing good leadership and management is the formulation of the Enhanced School Improvement Plan (ESIP) where the school-community involvement is greatly encouraged to support the needs of the school to cater the learning needs of the students for successful learning.

            Moreover, members shall give positive response to their leaders. As the school heads set themselves as good examples to their subordinates so that the latter shall act the same. Leadership is really a part of any working organization. Without this, order and relationship would not be established.

            There is no definite formulation for good leadership. This depends on using a long-term systematic relationship with the environment, having great interest of serving its people and creating a well-planned, productive and supportive work lines.

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