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How Can a Teacher Keep His/Her Students Interested and Motivated to Love Math
(by Teresita D. Domingo  9/5/2017)

Most of the students hate or as much as possible evade Mathematics because they considered the subject as something abstract and there’s nothing to do with their lives. This is one of the common problems for us teachers how to

 manage and make change with this mentality.

As a mathematics teacher, it is a great challenge and primary concern to find a way for my students fall in love with mathematics. Perhaps, we have to understand and dig up the root of the problem. Adjust our strategies in teaching.

How to keep our students interested and motivated to study mathematics? A question that a teacher must find the answer.

Student-Teacher Relationship. Teachers should have good relationship with his students. Don’t let them feel that mathematics teachers are boring and terror. Be friendly, show care and concern. Respect and recognize ideas that each student has.

Motivation. Teachers should star where the learners are. Teach the topic as if the students have the necessary skills for the topic. Present the lesson with stimulation needed for the students to get interested in learning the topic. Explore and give more than what is written in the textbook/ material.

Use varied instructional techniques. Maximize the use of resources available in the classroom, and provide variety of teaching strategies in order to encourage student’s interest. Integrate games, puzzles, and etc. in teaching. This will help to enhance their abilities, knowledge and as much as possible they will enjoy as they learn.

Use of technical terms. Do not use very technical terms specially in problem solving, because most students cannot comprehend in English.

Apply effective classroom management. Create a creative discipline plan based on easy-to-understand classroom rules. Make sure to fairly and consistently enforce your plan every day.

Give complete instruction. Teach each topic even it is difficult or not. Think of a technique that will make the lesson enjoyable and interesting. Guide students in the reality that mathematics is important in our daily life. Let them explore how mathematics is applied in real world.

Give additional exercises, practice. Do as many problems as is required to ensure understanding of the concept. Re-visiting is also recommended. Give daily assignments essential for practice and review to ensure the mastery of the lesson.

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