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Life of a Teacher in a Day
(by Roman E. Cadalso, Jr.  9/5/2017)

How do you view or describe a teacher’s life in a day? Easy or hard? Happy or sad? Rewarding or unrewarding?

Actually the life of a teacher is not an easy task. It is a combination of bed of roses and a bed of thorns. Despite of all odds that he has gone through all day, it has been challenging and rewarding. 

As soon as he wakes up in the morning, that spark of wonderful life coming from the Source of Life, Jesus Christ, a myriad of goals and objectives begin to rest on his shoulders-to have a prepared lesson plans or daily log, a positive outlook in life, a descent personality, a tranquility of bearing, a reliable source of information, a big heart-to name some. He has to prepare himself honestly and conscientiously to be able to execute his noble profession. Without these difficult tasks, teaching would be worthless and meaningless.

The teacher’s life does not only rest on the four corners of the room so to speak, but even outside his comfort zone. When a student is out for days for no valid reasons at all, he has to verify it to know the reasons of his student’s absences. Also, being definitely determined and alarmed, he makes sure that everything is fine and does not leave the problem unresolved.

Just like a wheel, the life of a teacher never stops revolving. It turns round and round and continues to be of great service to everyone especially to his students, the recipient of all his efforts and sacrifices.

However noble and good his intentions are, there are sometimes cases of injustice that seem inevitable that his life is at stake. This kind of scenario is somewhat complicated and unbearable on the part of the teacher. A self-confessed teacher once narrated his experience that he was challenged for a fist fight by a furious and unreasonable father who came to school. “Back off your uniform and let’s have a fight”, the father said. “Why did you slap my son? You should not have done that”, he continued on.

The poor teacher remained calm and God-fearing the. He and with the help of other teachers, convinced the father to fix the matter and explained what had happened and that his allegations and accusations were unmerited and purely without bases. The latter was enlightened and convinced and then asked apology.

Very few unexpected incidences such as this really happen in the day-to-day life of a teacher. Very complicated and hard to understand why this happens but that’s real.

Sometimes, teaching the students with all his “know-how” is a great motivation for him so that they would learn somehow. Yet, all his efforts, time and energy being exerted would have been in vain for the students don’t really understand the skills or concepts being taught and shared. As has been transpired, this happens because the poor student has failed to understand the skills in his formative years. Thereby, he could hardly comprehend mostly of his lessons or skills. Really so disappointing! Yet his life and purpose to be of great help must go on and on.

This has been the crux of the matter and big struggle that a teacher is really engaged in. Different kinds of situations and many faces. Sometimes a teacher expresses his great satisfaction, and appreciation for a job well done when students acknowledge and praise him even if the effort he has done for them is not so big.

Wow! It’s really a big boost to the morale of a teacher to that great extent, at least to make it better the next time around.

It is for this reason that life of a teacher in a day in general is full of challenges and entails a lot of patience, dedication, and sacrifice. Without these, it would be impossible for him to perform his tasks with great satisfaction. His life has been mixed with unwholesome experiences such as mentioned above and even more so. Yet, however hard they may be, one thing is sure, the life of a teacher in a day is really noble and rewarding!

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