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MA and PhD: To Take or Not to Take?
(by LAARNIE C. CABANELA  11/6/2018)

As we all know, learning is a life-long process. True indeed because life is an unending quest of discovery of knowledge especially at this age of modernization and globalization. With that in mind, to oppugn: how can one notch up learning experiences? Is it by pursuing another degree after the other?

Not all would agree. But as teachers like us, getting higher degree of education is an excellent choice for it equate with the advancement of our career.

Aside from that, there are many reasons why educators choose the pursuit of higher learning experiences despite of financial burden, mental and physical rigors that it gives. To cite with: In the Philippines, before the implementation of K to 12, one can finish bachelor’s degree in a span of almost 15 years only including pre-elementary education. But knowledge gained through those years could not guarantee competencies in a certain field especially if one took courses in Science and Education field. Thus, as the implementation of K to 12, degree elation becomes a must to those who wish to teach senior high school. Also, educators take higher degree courses for the reason that they do not want to be left behind. As modernization takes place, modern students tend to gain prior knowledge outside the classroom because of the information highway available online. Thereof, educators need to level up or retool their skills in their field.

However, when we are taking up our graduate and doctorate degrees, we do not usually file a leave of absence. Instead, we are still working at the same time to study unlike those who are teaching in college. Hence, we seldom get scholarships, so we have to shoulder the expenses of our studies. Given the situation, we teachers have greater sacrifices to endure in levelling up our degree.

In that case, many of us have stopped to pursue higher education but it doesn’t mean that it thwarts us to grow and to evolve professionally. The Department of Education (DepEd) provides seminar-workshops that enable us to upgrade our teaching competencies and skills and help elevate our knowledge in this time of fast-pace changes in education arena. But would it be enough? For some, yes.

Since adage supported that learning must be continuous, especially apt at the present time, it is really beneficial to finish our graduate degree and after that, if we have enough budget and we are ambitious to ladder up our career, why not take the Doctorate degree even if it is too expensive.

Speaking of the benefits of pursuing higher degree, as our society relies more on milestone that we all get, the higher education we could get, the expert we appear to be. Similarly, the more knowledge we’ve gained, the more we can impart to our students.

But at the end, pursuing higher degree or not, what matters most is our passion in teaching and that would be the greatest competencies that educators could ever have. To take or not to take higher education is still up to you.

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