DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
(by PERLA M. BERMEJO  11/24/2017)

 Reading makes a full man.” This adage is rich in meaning. A full man pictures an individual who is adequately and appropriately informed, adjusted, happy and actively engaged in wholesomely selected activities in the various aspect of living that will bring forth individual and social satisfaction. Such condition portrays that reading is basic in fostering the proper growth and development of the individual in relation to himself and to his society. Considering the intricacies of living in a dynamic modern society, there must be a tool or instrument that will carry on the effective continuity of a full life. This tool is reading.

        Reading, therefore, is the most fundamental part of education. It opens the door to a number of opportunities for growth and development. Cultures and civilization of nations and the world can be explored in volumes of printed materials. A glimpse into the past is made possible through reading a variety of printed matter.

        Modern gadgets like computer, internet, and websites are flooding the market, and have permeated practically all fields of endeavor. Local, national and international news and events that affect life and our way of living come in handy through mass media.

        How then can a pupil/students understand what is happening in the classroom and in his environment if he/she does not know how to read, and much more if he cannot understand what he reads? We are witnesses to various educational systems. Recommendations for additional years in elementary and secondary levels have been raging the sector, but is this the most viable solution? Gone are the days when public education was quality stuff.

        What then is the answer to our woes in the system? What strategy should we employ to make every learner an effective reader? Well, the most effective way may be the simplest one. Teach everyone to read.

        Improving the reading ability of pupils is a tedious and serious task that everybody should look into. Let us therefore encourage our learners to develop the passion for reading. Let us synergize our educational endeavors to make our learners “fast readers who can comprehend better.”

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