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Teaching with Passion
(by Crisabel E. Ganias  9/5/2017)

Passion is an important element in teaching. It generalizes the willingness of the educator in sharing his/her knowledge to students and helps in the success of the learning process. However, passion fades sometimes. This challenge can affect everything and can be a reason of deterrence. This is the challenge that most teachers have surpassed especially those who successfully reached their retirement age (65 years old).

According to National Center for Education Statistics’ and School Staffing Survey, 75,004 teachers retired or 2.2 percent of the 3.4 million teachers nationwide. This only proved that there is a significant number of teachers who really love the profession and who are willing to teach wholeheartedly until their retirement age.

For many years, educators are being tested by time and patience. The continuous development and the inevitable change that are happening in our society affect our youth’s way of thinking and behavior. This has become a great challenge to teachers, but through their dedication, they are always noted as great contributors in our society.

In addition, learners can sense the sincerity of teachers every time they stand in front and teach. Students see and appreciate the effort of their second-parent whenever they provide something new and prepare an instructional material. These simple things have great impact to the learners which are results of passion and love.

The secret of teaching is always the person who is in the profession. Dedication, love, willingness are all connected to passion. A passionate teacher uplifts the ideals of education and sparks success in the teaching-learning process. This characteristic is necessary in this profession. It is the greatest element among the ingredients of teaching.

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