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Teaching May Not Be Just A Profession, Much of Being A Vocation
(by Ariel S. Morales  8/15/2018)

Helping to acquire necessary skills, values and understanding of concepts are some of the important roles in nurturing individual’s growth as a teacher. Research shows that parents want a good teacher in the 21st century. (Omnicon and Media Group Teaching 2014). It is the responsibility of the teacher to prepare students to a life - long learning. (Eurydice, 2015). Knowing that teacher has given so much responsibility of nurturing young minds of children, I want to reflect if I can offer the best of what I have to my learners.

I still remember the first time I was asked by my elementary teacher. “What do you want to be when you grow old?” I raised my hand and gave my answer. I want to be a nurse. Yes, a nurse that can patiently take care of sick people. A profession that will be my ticket to work abroad for a greener pasture of course! And as time passed by, I was very much eager to study hard.

When I entered college, the dream of being a nurse converted to being a teacher. My family was not capable of sending me to college with the degree of BSN that time. They were able to support me with the course of BEED through the help of my sister who was already a teacher in private then. So, I continued with this course though it was not my first choice. I want to finish college so I pursue it. When I was a graduating student, the university sent us to public schools where we can have our internship (practice teacher). From that experience, I learned to love children.

October 07, 2008 was my first day in school as a permanent teacher. I was very lucky because after passing the exam and joining the Ranking of Teachers in our district, I was one of those who got a permanent position. My first grade assignment was Grade 6. As a neophyte in the service, I was full of ideas and expectations. I expected pupils to learn immediately after discussion. I expected them to be at their best during exams. But it wasn’t the way I expected to happen. I realized that to be a good teacher, I must possess the characteristics of having perseverance in teaching children because not all of them will listen to me. Not all of them will give the same importance as I have given them. Not all of them will notice my genuine concern. As a teacher I should also possess flexibility because learners have different learning styles. Some of them learn in a diverse manner. Teacher should also possess excitement in a way that every time you presented a lesson, it seems like it’s a new to them. This will be your edge in catching their attention. Lastly, the eagerness of the teacher to teach the children from the heart will serve as his motivation to help pupils who find difficulty in learning.

Nine years had passed, the eagerness, the excitement, the flexibility and the perseverance taught me to understand my pupils. They are like pearl in the ocean that can be my reward if I will see them succeed in the next few years. And one thing I have learned from them is to give MORE, to love MORE and to inspire MORE than they deserve because it will be the best thing that I can offer in giving my services for the benefit of the school children. It is not about the money, though it is my bread and butter as a provider to my family, but it is my passion and love for my profession and for the children who are the main reason why I am here-continuing my journey as a teacher.

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