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Teacher’s Magic Wand
(by Laarnie C. Cabanela  11/6/2018)

Millennials. Generation Z. 21st Century Learners.

It is evident that this world is fast-changing. New generation has come its way in our educational system. New trends, new problems, new techniques and new solutions are in need to be addressed by the forth runner of the educational system, TEACHERS.

Today, one book ahead is not enough to address the vast needs of learners to cope with the evolving norms of this society for them to be ready to face the real world after they graduate. Traditional pen and paper isn’t impressive at all. It’s passé. By just one click, everything is answered. Now, how do teachers do their magic of addressing and coping with the students’ needs?

Magic. Not true but possible. Only teachers can. Imagine the enormous needs of students to be addressed in a day-- academics, extra-curricular activities, emotional needs, social, mental, physical and spiritual needs. Teachers have the will to hand over inspiration. How? Their magic to create the feeling of being trustworthy. Students trust them. Though this world offers them the easiest way to learn and solve any problem, still they need to be guided by the experts to handle the things that this world offers.

The magic change. This one we cannot avoid. Teachers change the way they transfer knowledge, from spoon-feeding to immersion. How? Teachers ability to hand over the things they cannot control made a big impact in the student’s learning. Letting them discover their talents, skills and will made them independent. It is not easy to give up traditional way of teaching, but because the trend is to “cope with change,” let them do the talking and teachers are mere facilitators.

The magic wand. It is not what we see in Disney movies nor in every Cinderella story that there will be a change from rags to riches, from squash to karitela or from a king to a beast but, it is about “the blessed hand of a teacher, God’s gift.” The magic wand of a teacher is invisible and can only be seen, felt and experienced by the students.

Teacher’s magic wand, the will to hand over inspiration, trust and cope with change takes years to learn and be expert in it. It simply means that teachers do magic once they stand in front of the students. No one can tell how magical it is till you experience it.

The new generation Z, 21st century learners and the Millennials maybe a challenge to every teacher but their magic wand, God’s gift, makes learning possible.

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