DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
The Perfect Instructor
(by John Paul V. Valino  9/5/2017)

The Perfect Instructor as described:

  • Possesses great power and knowledge, an indefectible and all-powerful spirit.

  • A high-minded educator and considered as the human race's refuge and savior. Our Almighty God. Ready to give a serving hand in order to guide us to the right path. We are all God's children, we are all created equal. He had given us the will and intellect to follow him. The life of an individual depends on one's hand. We hold the truths for us to be self-evident that God always do his part to be our companion. Social individual should open up their hearts to accept God. Let's all stand within him.

  • The only teacher who's willing to help us to conquer our fears, boost up our mood, give us the knowledge and pass through the different obstacles in life is our one and only God. He gives us the light for us to transcend the beauty of life and world he had blessed us.

  • Not as simple as the canopy you think of to protect us from the raging storms.

  • Within our lives, there are some things over which we have no control and it becomes one big commotion. Challenges are part of our daily lives, they might bring seasons of struggle where we lose our hope and feel depressed. Despite of all the circumstances that we are about to face, we still have our Almighty Father who promised to be the human race's refuge.

  • God.. . Our ruler. A being or a spirit who's greatly loved and has great power and knowledge. He is always ready to be our guide and shelter. No matter what obstacles might face us, the safest emplacement to be is none other than in the center of our Father's will.

To know God as our Almighty refuge empowers us to entrust him willingly. All of us shall not fear.

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