DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
The Importance of SHDP in Improving School Heads’ Performance
(by Alona T. Bauto  1/12/2018)

The Department of Education is doings its best to help the school administrators to become effective and efficient. A lot of trainings and seminars are being conducted for their improvement so that they become 21st Century leader.

With this, School Head Development Program (SHDP) is being conducted. Many school heads from the different division in Region III attended the training. There were three modules, Instructional Leader, Organizational Leader and Exemplar.

In this training the participants were trained on the different topics needed by the school heads to prepare them in globalization. They were given tips on how to manage different situations that they may encounter..

Being good communicator was their target in this training because each school head was given chances to voice out what was inside their head.

One of the important learnings that the school administrators gained is the preparation and execution of Application project wherein they will think of the solutions on the problems in their respective schools.

Their attendance to this training will help them to perform their duties and responsibilities efficiently and effectively and inspire them to become better school head who can create a healthy environment.

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