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Tutelage is One's Affirmation in Teaching Values
(by John Paul V. Valino  9/5/2017)

It is truly a great privilege to be an instructor.

Knowledge is gained through teaching and learning. Schools are devoted to education.

Being a teacher and having the opportunity to share the knowledge and wisdom to other people is considered as a big blessing, for God used all the educators as His instrument that could help all of us to look out for the true meaning of our lives and to exploit the world deeply that He had given us. Teachers should have broad and vast knowledge in order for them to have an effective teaching which is considered as their biggest responsibility. They are more likely to be triumphant if they have enthusiasm, sensitivity and empathy than if they lack good values and characteristics.

Personalities that educators possess affect their way of teaching and let's always put in mind that potent teaching takes a lot of time and effort. Being a part of one's education is a blessing, for you are able to lead them to the truths and success that they are looking for.

Entrusted to educate.

Instructing, understanding, sharing and caring should be the true meaning of teaching. As an educator, we should instill good morals to each one of us. The ability of one's teaching lies in the one's ability of learning to have deep and vast knowledge. Cleanse and enrich the pure hearts of all social individuals deep inside.

We should stand up to inculcate certain virtues among young minds of all learners with love of instructing. Learning values can help us to be successful if we are willing to give time, effort and make it meaningful.

The human race plays a crucial role in one's life. Let's build up confidence and encourage others' participation for us to teach them good values which can help them to expand their potentials in life and find their identity with God. As an educator, my legacy is to instill values from deep within the lives of our learners.


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