DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
DR. ZERRUDO: “There’s a Fire in My Heart”
(by Enrique E. Angeles, Jr.  1/14/2013)

“Fire!!! Fire!! Fire!! There’s a fire in my heart”, the remarkable word uttered by the newly installed Superintendent of DepED-Nueva Ecija.

January 14, 2013, is another milestone in the history of DepED-Nueva Ecija and a day to remember to all of us, because of the coming of our 23rd Schools Division Superintendent, Madam Edna Santos-Zerrudo.

Hundreds of people from the Division of Bulacan and other personalities from different division show their love and affection to Ma’am Zerrudo, indicating that this woman who will lead the DepED-Nueva Ecija is really a leader who touches the heart of every individual.

The officials of different organization in the division pledge their support to Ma’am Edna, and agreed to take on a great responsibility "the education and care among our clientele. To support her with utmost responsibility, accountability and efficiency.

In their speeches, they said “The Children of Nueva Ecija deserve the best education we can provide, and we should support Ma’am Edna to the best of our ability.”

The DepED-Nueva Ecija is like a boat, and on this boat we’re all sailing together and Ma’am Edna will be our captain. A Captain that brings DepED-NE on top.

So to the Novo Ecijanos, we must set ourselves on fire to reach the success of our division

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