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Division FPTA donates Conference Wood Crafts… A Realization of an Elusive Dream
(by Ana Eloisa Ocampina  4/22/2014)

The Division Federated Parents and Teachers Association (DFPTA) of the Department of Education, Division of Nueva Ecija spearheaded by its president, Mr. Orly Mauricio, turned over the set of convention tables and chairs to the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Edna S. Zerrudo at the conference room of the division office, April 4, 2014. This anthology of magnificent wood crafts is the initial output of “Project Piso” which was initiated by Bonifacio De Gracia and the administration of DFPTA in 2011-2012.

The Division Federated Parents Teachers Association of Nueva Ecija was organized on August 16, 2011. With meager resources but gigantic aspirations and visions , De Gracia, the president, and Mauricio, the vice president, sought refuge on creating Resolution No. 1 s. 2011 of the DFPTA to conceptualize and work out the generation of funds in order for the organization to operate effectively. The resolution mandated all districts and secondary schools FPTA to collect a voluntary contribution of one peso from each parent. The idea sounded attractive and simple at first but the officers truly encountered some rough and tough roads ahead in realizing the maximum implementation of the resolution.

With all the support of the dynamic leaders of the division office, especially Dr. Eva Fe F. Taclibon, the adviser and the Division Education Supervisor in charge of the operations of the DFPTA, the officers still struggled in collecting the necessary amount in providing a worthwhile and useful project. Some reasons were considered why some districts and secondary schools were not able to remit in spite of the proper dissemination of the resolution. In addition, the national, regional and division offices declared a “No Collection Policy” during enrollment of 2013-2014. Because of these, the officers doubled their efforts in motivating the parents of the districts and secondary schools in Nueva Ecija to participate in the said project.

Mauricio was elected as the new president of DFPTA for 2012 to present. And with the blessings of De Gracia, he sustained the fund generation and gradually raised an ample amount for the realization of their initial project. According to reliable sources, Mauricio is a man of integrity and great responsibility. He never put the hopes of De Gracia down. And together with the concerted efforts of the other officers and Dr. Taclibon, they finally came up with the set of conference chairs and tables for the division office. With Mauricio’s generosity, he also provided the wall curtains of the conference room.

Dr. Zerrudo was mesmerized with the perfectly crafted wooden chairs and tables of the conference room upon her acceptance of the donation. The back of the chairs are also embossed with the name of districts and secondary schools in Nueva Ecija for better identification and legacy. More than the magnificence of the workmanship of the pieces, the schools division superintendent was more amazed with the persistence, courage and optimism of the officers of DFPTA in making the impossible possible.

After achieving one huge milestone in the history of DFPTA functionality, Mr. Mauricio and his comrades are more enthusiastic in embracing new challenges in their administration for the good of the people of the Division of Nueva Ecija and for the greater glory of God.

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