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Teachers are Leaders
(by Vivian P. Maducdoc  3/27/2017)

Leadership is not just a simple designation or a position which anyone can be handled when he or she wants it. This is neither just a thing which can be taken for granted nor can be left or rejected anytime he wants to, merely because he already used the benefit of being on that position for his personal motive or for a professional progression.

            Becoming a leader is a serious TASK. The task that anyone who assigned or chosen for it must be corresponded with commitment, dedication and total responsibility. A true leader knows the total package of being a committed leader, also a better follower of the rules and regulations of the organization.

            Teachers can be considered as a leader too. Why? The answer is- teaching is not just a simple work or a job which is the main purpose is to earn a living. The learning development of a child or a student depends on the capacity, commitment and dedication of a teacher. The teacher’s hands and hearts can make or unmake the student’s future on education aspect.

            A responsible leader serves as a model and a molder of each member, so much with the teacher. A teacher and a leader should possess good manners and right conduct.  Etiquette and intensive social gestures can be carried out whether he is along with or not with the group or a class. Anytime and anywhere, either they are dealing with or not with their co-workers or peers or clientele; proper graces and ways of a leader and a teacher should be practiced and exhibited.

            The teacher and leader of present generation must manifest the pillars of character that serve as their guiding torch to attain the aims and objectives of the organization and the thrusts of the educational process and system.

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