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The Value of Gratitude
(by Fitzie G. Patacsil  1/12/2017)

So often do people pass through this lifetime without being able to express gratitude to those who have—in one way or another—made an impact in their lives, in whatever form. More so, people tend to forget; if not intentionally put things behind.

Ungratefulness is never a pleasant attitude.

This month we celebrate the hard works and sacrifices of our dear teachers, and what a better way to do that than show appreciation to them and give credit where it is due. As practitioners of the noble profession, they are often undervalued and underappreciated; underrated, if you may. It’s like all of us always forgets the little fact that whatever you and I had become, our teachers had something to contribute. A lot, even. They go to as far as being dubbed as our “second parents”, which is certainly a huge burden to bear. Having said that, it is only fitting to state that our teachers do more than just teaching; they educate, and they change lives while at it.

I myself came from a family of teachers. So if you’d take that into consideration, it’s like second nature to me that I’d end up being a teacher as well. But I didn’t—at first. I went on to study Nursing in college, as it was the thing during my time. I learned to embrace my course, got that degree, worked hard for that license. While at that, I also took the necessary Education units for me to be able to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers. Let’s just say that my hard works have paid off, as I also got my license to be a teacher.

I first practiced teaching before I did nursing. Although I was able to do a mix of both, as also I used to be a Clinical Instructor for years. Fast forward to the present—I’m teaching—and I’m in a happy place.

Certainly, teaching is never easy. Aside from the little fact that it is not financially rewarding, it takes up a lot from the physical, mental, and even emotional aspects of my entirety. There are lots of things to sacrifice as well. In that sense, teaching is really the noble profession.

I am not writing this to say that our job is the most difficult, or anything that goes by those lines; I am writing this to remind ourselves about the value of gratefulness. Before I was a teacher, I was first a student. And now that I’m in this line of work, I am gradually realizing the hardships that my former teachers faced, accompanied with a hint of guilt over the fact that I didn’t properly show the appreciation that they deserve. Some of them have passed away already, and it’s such a pity that I wasn’t able to give where credit was due.

Let me share with you this quotation from William Arthur Ward:

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Moving forward, I will strive to become a great teacher; just like those teachers I had in the past who never gave up on me and inspired me to live for something bigger than myself. Now that I’m wearing the same shoes they had before, I will forever be grateful.

As I move forward, I will never forget to look back.

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