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The Battle for Attention to Achieve Education
(by Rosanna D. Manabat  3/6/2017)

 What is the worth of education? Many have asked this question out of ignorance or curiosity, and the general answer to this is “because it is useful”. Yet, this response is unfulfilling because, we can only learn the true worth of education the day we use the knowledge we gained as our own.

One cannot realize this until he encounters an opportunity that will make her manipulate the knowledge in a way that is useful. This is where the problem arises, opportunities like this are seldom emulated in the primary and secondary stages of education, for these stages tackle and instill the foundations of the different fields of education.

In this case, we must create an educational environment that will make the students practice the knowledge that they have acquired and make them realizes the importance of education. For, knowing the importance of education will boost their interest in learning.

But, how important is the interest in learning of the learners with the advent of the modern technology? How do we divert their attention purposely in learning to achieve the much needed education?

It is very hard for teachers to maintain the attention of their students because there are a multitude of things that can attract a student’s short attention. According to a study conducted by Microsoft Corp. people nowadays generally lose focus after eight seconds; this is a very short time to even introduce a lesson.

Thus, it is an everyday challenge to teachers to make their lessons a little bit more interesting and to do so, the teachers must be diligent and creative.Enthusiasm on the subject matter is also one of the few things that a teacher may use to keep the student’s attention.

One may also harness the power of technology and internet to show interesting videos and interactive applications related to the topic. Another way is to directly involve the students in academic discussions or educational activities so that they can’t sway their attention. Yet, the most surefire way to maintain a student’s attention is to have a quiz at the end of the lesson.

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