DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
Farewell But Not Goodbye: ASDS Ma’am Sally Retires Today
(by Nobert S. Bermosa  8/23/2013)

August 24, 2013 marks the retirement day of one of the most kind-hearted, dedicated, supportive and very approachable Assistant Schools Division Superintendents that the Division of Nueva Ecija ever had" Dr. Sally V. Mateo. Today is Ma’am Sally’s 65th birthday so whether we like it or not she have to leave the government service.

This woman of principle served the department with dedication and commitment for 45 years and 2 months. As an appreciation and tribute to her valuable and great contribution in the field of education, a “Retirement Party” was held yesterday, August 23, 2013 at Plaza Leticia in Cabanatuan City by her DepEd Family which was attended by important DepEd officials, Secondary School Principals of Nueva Ecija, her family and close friends.

The said historic event were highlighted by several and worth-seeing entertainment numbers from her closest DepEd family, important, very touching and heartfelt messages from people of great significance such as the message from the current SDS of Nueva Ecija Division, Ma’am Edna Santos-Zerrudo.

A very hardworking person, which is a true essential trait of an Ilocano woman, Ma’am Sally will be forgotten not. She will remain forever in the heart of all those who have known her.

We die a little every time a “good public servant” leaves us but that is part of the realities of life that we have to accept. After all, we know for sure that her good deeds and intentions for the welfare of human beings, not only in the education sector, do not stop from her retirement. We will be hearing more from you and we will surely miss you Ma’am.

There are plenty of “Sallys” like you in the world Ma’am but one thing is for sure, you are one-of a-kind of “Sally” dahil sabi mo nga “Sali ka sa lahat" Sali ka sa lungkot, Sali ka saya at Sali k sa lahat ng aming problema. With this, it makes each and every one of us more proud to be a part of you.

Farewell but not goodbye Ma’am. Good luck to all your endeavors and God Bless you more! Happy retirement and Happy Birthday!!!

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