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  • Coaching and Mentoring Towards Success in Education (3/13/2019) - A school leader does not just plan and implement the policy of a school. Along with the process of setting goals, monitoring and evaluation, measuring success, working with others, engaging stakeholders, providing the best possible outcome and make . . . Click to read more

  • 2018
  • MA and PhD: To Take or Not to Take? (11/6/2018) - As we all know, learning is a life-long process. True indeed because life is an unending quest of discovery of knowledge especially at this age of modernization and globalization. With that in mind, to oppugn: how can one notch up learning experience . . . Click to read more

  • Teacher’s Magic Wand (11/6/2018) - Millennials. Generation Z. 21st Century Learners. It is evident that this world is fast-changing. New generation has come its way in our educational system. New trends, new problems, new techniques and new solutions are in need to be addressed by th . . . Click to read more

  • Teaching May Not Be Just A Profession, Much of Being A Vocation (8/15/2018) - Helping to acquire necessary skills, values and understanding of concepts are some of the important roles in nurturing individual’s growth as a teacher. Research shows that parents want a good teacher in the 21st century. (Omnicon and Media Group T . . . Click to read more

  • Creating Positive Reinforcement Towards Pupils’ Behavioral Issues (8/6/2018) - Nowadays, teachers are very much aware of DepEd Order No. 40, s2012 known as Policy Guidelines on Protecting Children in School from Abuse, Violence, Exploitation, Discrimination, Bullying and Other Forms of Child Abuse. This DepEd Order prohibits th . . . Click to read more

  • Teachers: Molders of The Future Generation, Builders of The Nation (8/6/2018) - To teach is to touch a life forever. Indeed, it is very true. Teacher has the most powerful word more than anyone else. It can create a better future nor can ruin the life of an individual. The influence of his words are enough to build someone’s d . . . Click to read more

  • The Teacher’s Etiquette Towards Work (8/6/2018) - Teachers are looked – up as a “role model” in the society. They are one of the most popular personality who shows proper decorum at all times. In accordance to our Code of Ethics, Article XI: The Teacher as a Person Section 1. A teacher is, abo . . . Click to read more

  • Train Up A Child the Way He Should Go, But Be Sure You Go That Way Yourself (8/6/2018) - Basic social skills such as listening, gestures and good manners are important in children’s academic success based on the recent study of Professor Stephen Elliot. His research shows that children who learn the basic of social skills increase the . . . Click to read more

  • Impact of Good Teachers on Student’s Achievement (8/2/2018) - According to Henry Brooks Adams, “Teachers affect eternity; no one can tell where their influence stops." It is true that student achievement is affected by three factors - the student, the school and the home. The most important factor of the thre . . . Click to read more

  • Parents as A Partner of Teacher in Educating Young Minds (8/2/2018) - Parents play a vital role in reinforcing pupil’s learning at home. Currently, pupils are very much exposed in technology that lead to neglect study habit. Most likely when pupils are at home, they use their time logging in to social media like face . . . Click to read more

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