DepEd SDO Nueva Ecija
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  • Good Leadership Receives Positive School Relations (10/24/2017) - In establishing a good working relationship, school heads shall establish a continuous, open and responsive connection among the members. The administrator shall keep on doing ways to manage the school in meeting and even in improving the satisfa . . . Click to read more

  • Building a Health School Working Relationship (10/12/2017) - Working with the Students There are many ways on how to work harmoniously with your students. But loving and treasuring your job is the first and foremost important of all because you would not feel fulfilled if you yourself hate what you are . . . Click to read more

  • Confidently Successful Teacher (10/12/2017) - Challenging, stressful and rewarding job all at once. Teaching is a profession that requires flexibility, persistence and continued growth.  Being a successful teacher is not an easy endeavor. It takes a lot of courage and commitment for a teac . . . Click to read more

  • Educating Millennial Students: A Challenge for Educators (10/12/2017) - Students nowadays spend more time scrolling their gadgets rather than reading and studying their lessons. They know the latest trends in fashion, showbiz among other stuff compare to subjects that could impound their knowledge. Thus, as observe, . . . Click to read more

  • Varied Questioning Approach in Teaching (10/12/2017) - When varied questioning approach is employed in the teaching and learning process, a deep and productive class interaction will be evident. It is said that one of the most powerful and suitable strategies that a teacher can use is varied ques . . . Click to read more

  • Insights on the Putting Up of knowledge Corner: A tool for Effective Teaching (9/26/2017) - We all know that knowledge is power. We also often say that we need to give our children the knowledge foundation that they deserve starting at their early elementary grade schooling. This way we can build our strong and powerful nation that is d . . . Click to read more

  • KWENTO NG TAGUMPAY (9/26/2017) -             Marami ang nagsasabi na sila ay tagumpay sa buhay. Ang dahilan, marami silang ari-ariang material na bagay. Subalit, ano nga ba ang tunay na kahulugan ng salitang tagumpay?                 Ang sabi ni Ralph . . . Click to read more

  • The Baybayabas Elementary School Launched its Remedial Teaching Program (9/26/2017) - The Baybayabas Elementary School (BES) in Talugtug, Nueva Ecija, through the initiative and guidance of its Head Teacher, Mrs. Myrna A. Bautista, have launched its remedial teaching program. The purpose of the program is to help especially the sl . . . Click to read more

  • Intervention and Motivational Factors in Learning English among Secondary Students: The Case of Putlod-San Jose National High School (9/25/2017) - Motivating students to learn and to speak English has been a major issue for many teachers. English proficiency is a tool to success but teachers today find it difficult to boost the students’ enthusiasm and interest to speak English in ev . . . Click to read more

  • A Teacher’s Journey (9/19/2017) - Every teacher’s journey has its ending. Whether it is short or the longest one, it generally starts with a single step. The road he is taking now shall lead to where he will be tomorrow. Right at the moment of deciding or dreaming to beco . . . Click to read more

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